ToolBox is designated to be helpful for all webmasters, and source of knowledge to other users. This tool box will expand and in future will include numerous useful tools and knowledge bases.



CSSlean is tool which will help you reduce size of your CSS file or rearange it so it will be easier to read and easier for maintenance. After you optimize your CSS code your pages will load quickly and tranfer less data, and you and visitors of your web site benefit from this CSS optimization.

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This is tool for making HTML tags for head of your web pages. Here you can make basic content for web page head (title, description, keywords, language, robots). That is basic and essential tags which should be on every web page. If you need some more tags, try to find them in Advanced Tagger.

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This is tool which will help you remove unnecessary spaces and white space in your HTML code. File size will be reduced, and together with that you will have speedy download pages and web site. Your HTML code will be difficult to read, and we advise you to use this tool for your final page version. In some cases (HTML code from WYSIWYG editor) file size will be reduced up to 50%!

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Using CSS for designing web pages has already reduced need to write for example <font> tag numerous times, and so it reduced time for downloading site into browser. Also, very useful thing is that content of web site is apart from it's layout rules.

But why stop on that? Instructions on this page will help you REDUCE your existing CSS file! Not only your file will become smaller, your code will be clearer and easier for maintenance.

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Here you can find explanation of terms used over the internet or computers, or as jargon in web development. Terms are sorted alphabetically.

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